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How Food Becomes Unsafe

How Food Becomes Unsafe

Time-Temperature Abuse
Temperature Danger Zone (TDZ): 41-135 F.
Microorganisms grow rapidly between 41-135 F
Food should not remain at the temperatures above 41 F or below 135 F.

Transfer of microorganisms from one food surface to another. For example, cutting raw chicken on a cutting board, and then using the same cutting board to cut cheese.
Clean and sanitize work surfaces, equipment, and utensils after
each task

Poor Personal Hygiene
Not washing hands
Hands have to be washed for 20 seconds using soap and hot water 100 F. Have to use a single-use paper towel. Hand sanitizers must not be used instead of hand washing.
Chewing while handling food
Working with cuts/bleeding
Using the same gloves for cleaning and handling food
Must wash hands before using gloves.

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