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Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Sanitizer Effectiveness Concentration:
Check concentration with a test kit
Food-contact surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized:
After they are used
Before working with a different type of food
Any time a task was interrupted and the items may have been contaminated
After four hours if the items are in constant use
Equipment holding and dispensing TCS food must be cleaned and sanitized every day unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer

Machine Dishwashing

High-temperature machines:
Final sanitizing rinse must be at least 180°F (82°C)
165°F (74°C) for stationary rack, single-temperature machines

Chemical-sanitizing machines:
Clean and sanitize at much lower temperatures 55-120°F
Chemical sanitizers are Chlorine, Iodine (12.5ppm) and Quarts

Dishwasher Operation
Scrape, rinse, or soak items before washing
Air-dry all items

Manual Dishwashing
Setting up a three-compartment sink:
Clean and sanitize each sink and drain board
Fill the first sink with detergent and water at least 110°F (43°C)
Fill the second sink with clean water
Fill the third sink with water and sanitizer 55-120°F to the correct concentration
Heat sanitizer is 171°F
Provide a clock with a second hand to let food handlers know how long items have been in the sanitizer

Using Foodservice Chemicals
Keep MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for each chemical

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