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Food Storage

Food Storage

Labeling food for use on-site:
All items not in their original containers must be labeled
Date marking:
Ready-to-eat TCS food must be marked if held for longer than 24 hours
Date mark must indicate when the food must be sold, eaten, or thrown out

Date marking:
Ready-to-eat TCS food can be stored for only seven days if it is held at 41°F (5°C)
or lower

When storing food in the refrigerator, consider minimum internal cooking temperatures of the food. A food item that has the highest minimum internal cooking temperature has to be stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. A food item that has the lowest minimum internal cooking temperature has to be stored on the top shelf of the refrigerator. For instance, raw chicken has to be stored on the bottom of the refrigerator, whereas, fish should be stored above raw chicken.

Store food items in the following
top-to-bottom order
Ready-to-eat food
Whole cuts of beef and pork
Ground meat and ground fish
Whole and ground poultry
This storage order is based on the minimum internal cooking temperature of each food

Rotate food to use the oldest inventory first:
One way to rotate products is to follow FIFO
Identify the food item’s use-by or expiration dateStore items with the earliest use-by or expiration dates in front of items with later dates
Once shelved, use those items stored in front first
Throw out food that has passed its manufacturer’s use-by or expiration date

Preventing cross-contamination:
Store all items in designated storage areas
Store items away from walls and at least six inches (15 centimeters) off the floor
Store single-use items (e.g., sleeve of single-use cups, single-use gloves) in original packaging
Store food in containers intended for food
Use containers that are durable, leak proof, and able to be sealed or covered
NEVER use empty food containers to store chemicals; NEVER put food in empty chemical containers

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