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Safe Facilities and Pest Management

Safe Facilities and Pest Management

Interior Requirements for a Safe Operation
Floors, walls, and ceilings:
Materials must be smooth and durable for easier cleaning

Equipment Selection
Foodservice equipment must meet these standards if it will come in contact with food:
Nonabsorbent, smooth, and corrosion resistant
Easy to clean
Resistant to damage

Installing and Maintaining Equipment
Once equipment has been installed:
It must be maintained regularly
Only qualified people should maintain it
Set up a maintenance schedule with your supplier or manufacturer
Check equipment regularly to make sure it is working correctly

Water and Plumbing
Reverse flow of contaminants through a cross-connection into the drinkable
water supply. Prevent – air gap and vacuum breaker.

Pest Management
Three rules of pest prevention:
Deny pests access to the operation
Deny pests food, water, and shelter
Work with a licensed Pest Control Operator (PCO)
To keep pests from entering with deliveries:
Check deliveries before they enter the operation
Refuse shipments if pests or signs of pests (egg cases, body parts) are found
Make sure all of the points where pests can access the building are secure:
Screen windows and vents
Seal cracks in floors and walls, and around pipes
Install air curtains (also called air doors or fly fans) above or alongside doors
Deny pests shelter:
Throw out garbage quickly and correctly
Keep containers clean and in good condition
Keep outdoor containers tightly
Clean up spills around containers
Store recyclables correctly
Keep recyclables in clean, pest-proof containers
Keep containers as far away from the building as regulations allow

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